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Zoo Tooth Facts

Dogs Rarely Get Cavities

Dogs rarely get cavities because their saliva has an extremely high PH, which prevents demineralization.

Armadillos have 104 Teeth!

An armadillo has 104 teeth! But turtles and tortoises are toothless!

Chimpanzees have 32 teeth

Chimpanzees have 32 teeth like humans.

Giraffes only have front teeth on their lower jaws

Giraffes only have front teeth on their lower jaws. Their 20 inch tongues help them eat!

Dolphins Teeth Show Their Age

Like a tree, you can tell how old a dolphin is by the annual layers on its teeth.

Snails have 15,000-50,000 Teeth

Snails have anywhere between 15,000-50,000 teeth! Can you imagine how long it would take a snail to floss!

Snails have teeth on their tongues

Snails also have mouths that are no larger than the head of a pin and their teeth are located on their tongues.

Elephants tusks are overgrown incisors

Elephants tusks are overgrown incisors. Their molars can weigh up to 10 lbs. and wear down and are replaced up to six times during their lives.

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